Talking With Her Ink

“I’m just drawing every single day, I’m creating every single day. I don’t have to step out of my area here to be able to help people… I mean, how much more easier can that be?”
We had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Sumithra Debi, an inspiring tattoo artist, who uses her artistic skills to create areola tattoos for breast cancer survivors. Instilled with a passion for tattooing since young through the influence of her grandfather, Johnny Two Thumbs, who was the first tattoo artist in Singapore, Sumithra has broken traditional gender barriers by distinguishing herself in an industry dominated by men. In her cosy studio, she shows us how she has transformed the lives of breast cancer survivors through areola tattooing and helped them to regain their self-confidence as part of the healing process. With her ink and artistic vision, Sumithra’s work is testament to the extraordinary impact that an individual can have on others.

Sumithra Debi

Sumithra Debi is a tattoo artist, who was influenced by her grandfather’s legacy, to pursue a career in an industry traditionally dominated by men. In addition to that, she uses her artistic skills to provide areola tattooing services to breast cancer survivors.