Talking with a Resolute Heart

We had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Sherry Soon, the founder of Be Kind SG, in our newest episode of WomenTalk TV. Sherry was diagnosed with vasculitis when she was twenty and has struggled with the disease for most of her life. Unable to find a relatable context here in Singapore, she decided to share her story with others by setting an online support group for individuals with autoimmune conditions. Sherry is also an avid volunteer herself, and has dedicated her time to giving back to society through her own volunteer group, Be Kind SG. An inspiring lady with a big heart, Sherry does not let her condition limit what she can achieve and instead seeks to challenge herself by stepping out of her comfort zone. Find out more about her inspiring story now!

Sherry Soon

Sherry Soon is the founder of Be Kind SG, an informal volunteer group in Singapore Despite living with an autoimmune condition since she was twenty, she hopes that she can make the world a better place by encouraging everyone to live a meaningful life with kindness.