Sumithra Debi is an unconventional tattoo artist, who has made a mark for herself in the tattooing scene in Singapore. Unrestrained by societal perceptions, she has used her artistic skills to help women heal from their battle with breast cancer.

Sumithra was influenced by her grandfather, Johnny Two Thumbs, the first tattoo artist in Singapore, to pursue a career in the tattooing industry. Despite the fact that tattooing has traditionally been associated with men, Sumithra has not let her gender stop her from successfully carving out a space for herself in a male-dominated industry. She has further advanced her grandfather’s illustrious legacy by using her skills to provide areola tattooing services to breast cancer survivors in a bid to help them regain their self-confidence. Referring to that as the crowning moment in their struggle with breast cancer, Sumithra’s work clearly illustrates how an individual can transform the lives of others through their passion in life.

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