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Priscilla Chia is one of the co-founders of We Believe in Second Chances, an advocacy group in Singapore which is dedicated to raising awareness about the death penalty and seeks to provide family members of death row inmates with a support system. One of the main goals of the organisation is to advocate for the abolishment of the death penalty in Singapore.

The case of Yong Vui Kong, a Malaysian Chinese who was sentenced to death in 2007 as a result of drug trafficking charges, prompted Priscilla to think more critically of the death penalty, and its impact on the loved ones of death row inmates. This led to the birth of We Believe in Second Chances. By advocating on behalf of these family members and in creating a community of support for them, Priscilla and her fellow co-founders hope to put a human face to the issue of the death penalty and to bring to the public eye the human costs involved when sentencing an inmate to death.

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