Cute 6

Nina ‘Cute’ Rotelo is a domestic worker who has lived and worked in Singapore for more than 20 years. Hoping to give her family members in the Philippines a better life, Cute gave up on her dreams of becoming a teacher and made the difficult decision of working overseas away from her loved ones. Over the years, she has made Singapore her home and is now fulfilling her passion in teaching by volunteering at HOME (Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics), a non-profit organisation which advocates on the behalf of migrant workers in Singapore. Cute spends her free time teaching other domestic workers important life skills, such as financial literacy, and through these classes, hopes to empower them with the knowledge to succeed in life. Cute’s dedication to her fellow migrant workers in Singapore truly epitomises what it means to go far and beyond what society expects of you. We are truly lucky to have her here with us in Singapore!

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