Mishell Leong is a self-taught artist based in Singapore.

Mishell was born in Kulua Lumpur, Malaysia and brought up in a household where art was banned in favour of maths and science. Under the influence of her father, a maths teacher, she chose to study Maths & Statistics at Warwick University at the age of eighteen. She then went on to have a successful accounting career in Europe, and after 15 years on the continent, Mishell (then pregnant with her first child) and her husband decided to move to Singapore.

Her journey in art began when she started having dreams about red poppies. Encouraged by a friend to paint the images she had dreamed of at an art cafe, this accidental encounter with art inspired her to pursue a full-time career as an artist. As of 2019, she has created 4 collections of art so far (Children’s Art, Botanicals, Watercolours, Sensual Art), which are all inspired by different facets of her personality and life journey, and employ various artistic techniques that have been said to be representative of her East-meets-West heritage.

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