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Meet Mary Kaw, a talented salesgirl and fashion consultant of 2 years at WISE Enterprise, a social enterprise providing employment for socially marginalised communities in Singapore. Mary was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and sent away from her family to live at Cheshire Home at a very young age. Despite these difficult circumstances, Mary has risen to become the independent and bold woman that she is now at 56.

Mary admits that she struggles with the prospect of losing control over her muscles in the future but she  always manages to look past her fears and make the most out of life. Her resolution to be financially independent drove her to explore craft-making. She has thus acquired skills such as knitting and crocheting and continues to learn more in her free time. She also took on professional training at the Singapore Retail Institute to be a professional Fashion Consultant, and aims to share with her customers the stories of her friends with muscular dystrophy. Mary’s life journey reminds us that strength comes from within and that regardless of our circumstances, we are all capable of taking control of our lives.

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