As the founder and president of Club H.E.A.L., Dr Radiah Salim is a steadfast advocate of mental wellness. Club H.E.A.L. began as a dream of hers, and remained one until she witnessed her family struggling with the devastating effects of mental illness. She was driven by the desire to help people lead fulfilling lives even while coping with mental illness, and committed to making Club H.E.A.L. a reality.

Today, there are three day rehabilitation centres throughout Singapore, reaching out to the Muslim community in particular. Through Club H.E.A.L., Dr Radiah is healing minds, hearts and lives. Besides helping those living with mental illness, she works indefatigably to implement preventative strategies and combat the stigma surrounding mental health.

Her dream is now to empower the public and equip people with the skills to support each other, so that one day Club H.E.A.L. will become redundant.

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