Doris Nuval was born in Japan in 1952 and raised in Manila. She became a full time political activist and left home to organize the labor movement until the martial law was declared in 1972, during which the rights of citizens were greatly limited.

Doris was married briefly in 1976 and gave birth to a son, who was 3 years old when she was arrested in 1980 for planting a bomb and fighting the Marcos dictatorship. After almost 5 years in prison, her father who was a close friend of Marcos provided her a conditional release – she was exiled from the Philippines and became a political refugee in Holland, but flew back to the Philippines soon after Marcos fled. Since her release she has been tirelessly fighting and working towards empowering and educating others about justice and equality through public and educational television.

She is the Executive Vice President of Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc, a non-profit organization helping empower Filipinos through educational media. Knowledge Channel’s on-air, online and on-demand educational videos and other multimedia learning resources are accessible to more than 5 million learners in both formal and alternative learning systems in an estimated 6,000 schools and learning centers nationwide.

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