We are excited to announce that there is a new book for children, based on 10 inspiring women in Asia we have had the privilege of meeting on WomenTalk. The book “I’m a girl. See what I can be!” is written by our creator, Eunice Olsen, and illustrated by 10 talented artists.

The book was written for young children to encourage them to never give up and be who they want to be. It tells stories of women from diverse backgrounds and teaches values of strength and courage, amongst others.

The women featured in the book include:
Anamika Subba, an Outreach Officer from Nepal

Faith Ng, a Singaporean playwright at Checkpoint Theatre

Dr Gerlinda Lucas, a passionate doctor from the Philippines

See Too Hoi Siang Joanna, a Chinese opera artist in Singapore

Lek,who runs a sanctuary for elephants in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Lena Sim, a self-made entrepreneur and the founder of Ministry of Food (MOF)

Lily Goh, the social entrepreneur of ExtraOrdinary Horizons

Melissa Sarah Wee, a physique competitor in Singapore

Nina Rotela aka Cute, a domestic worker from the Philippines

Theresa Goh, a Singaporean national swimmer and a Paralympic medalist

see too joanna I'm a girl see what I can be

The women in the stories are from around Asia, doing amazing work in their community. Children will definitely enjoy reading the poem and learning about their inspiring stories. It is also a good chance for parents to join in and read along with their child.

“I’m a girl. See what I can be” is now crowdfunding on Indiegogo.
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Help support empowering young girls and boys and spread the message of the book.

Melissa sarah wee I'm a girl see what I can be