Talking with Enlightened Courage

“I never believed that I deserved to have so much. I always felt that everything that was given to me is like extra. We should respect what we have, the resources we have, the people we have. And to me, respecting what I have is to live a good life and do all I can to achieve my dreams.”

Meet Xing En, a resilient young lady, who has shown tremendous courage in pursuing her passion in life despite all that she has faced. Xing En lost her sight at a very young age when she was diagnosed with a rare disease by the name of retinitis pigmentosa, but that has not stopped her from chasing her dream of becoming a literature teacher. Wise beyond her age, she hopes to grab all the opportunities that she has to live life to the fullest as a first-year undergraduate student at the National University of Singapore. Supported by her loving mother, Mdm Lee, Xing En takes on any challenges in life with poise and grace. Her story is a testament to the amazing tenacity of the human spirit and demonstrates the boundless potential that we have if only we recognise that there are no limits to what we can achieve.

Xing En

Xing En is an undergraduate student currently studying literature at the National University of Singapore. Despite being visually impaired and suffering from kidney failure, Xing En has never let her condition limit her ambitions in life and is actively pursuing her dream of becoming a literature teacher.