Survivor Of Bulimia turned Physique Competitor

We are really excited to start the new year with a WomenTalk TV episode. WomenTalk had the privilege of meeting Melissa Sarah Wee​, a physique competitor from Singapore who survived bulimia in her teens.

Melissa Sarah shares with us her experience of being bullied in school. It resulted in an eating disorder, which almost took her life. After seeing how her bulimia has affected her family, she took back control and starting to eat healthily and exercise.

Melissa Sarah has pushed through her past and came out as a confident and strong lady, who knows who she is as an individual. She has even gone on to compete in bodybuilding competitions in America on multiple occasions, even coming in first amongst many top physique competitors.

Melissa is truly a role model for everyone who has ever felt less than they truly are. If you found this Sheroine’s story meaningful, please share it so that we can make more.

Melissa Sarah Wee physique competitor WomenTalk

Sarah is a survivor of bulimia and physique competitor who won at the National Physique Championships 2016 in the United States.