Mother’s Day Special 2018

Meet Fann Koh, an inspiring mother of two beautiful and talented daughters, Jolie and Faith. Both Jolie and Faith were diagnosed with autism from a very young age, and Fann had to do all she could to learn more about the condition during their early years together. She hopes to equip her two daughters with the necessary skills to make their own choices in life and to most importantly, see each experience they have as a learning point to grow from. Fann’s love and devotion for her kids is truly awe-inspiring to see.

Fann Koh
Mother of Two Daughters with Autism

Fann Koh is a mother of two beautiful daughters, Jolie and Faith, who were diagnosed with autism from a very young age. Despite the challenges she faces, she has never let her daughters’ condition stop them from leading a meaningful life full of purpose and joy.