Founder of Prospect Music Therapy

WomenTalk Pulse Season 2 Episode 7

For our newest episode of WomenTalk Pulse, we had the pleasure of speaking with Evelyn Lee, the founder of Prospect Music Therapy. Evelyn has had a deep passion for music since young and after a stint in the corporate world, decided to turn her interest into a career by training to become a music therapist. She set up Prospect Music Therapy with the aim of promoting music therapy as a way of healing in Singapore. In addition to that, she also believes strongly in the tenet of inclusivity and strives to ensure that her services are available to all, regardless of one’s gender, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Through her work with various individuals and organisations, Evelyn hopes to eradicate the stigma surrounding therapy and to use music to transform the lives of her patients.

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Evelyn Lee
Founder of Prospect Music Therapy

Evelyn is a trained music therapist and also the founder of Prospect Music Therapy, a social enterprise which uses music therapy methods to promote health and well-being in Singapore.