Neha Singla

This is our first episode of our STEM Series, in partnership with Singapore Committee for UN Women. On today’s episode, we had the pleasure of hearing from Neha Singla, the Head of Technical Services in Google India and South East Asia.

Neha studied engineering in school and despite that was told by society that there is a tradeoff between her career and family. She has used that to motivate her in challenging that belief that women should focus on their family.
Neha also shares about how unconcious biases can hinder the progess toward equal treatment in a workplace. Though she is doing as much as she can, but she believes there needs to be more people to make a substantial difference.
She believes in giving girls the right information about work and family and the ability to make the decision for themselves. Not being restricted to unnecessary misconceptions and doing whatever you want.
Neha shows us that with passion and will, you can do what you want.

Neha Singla
Head of Technical Services, Google India

Neha Singla is from India, with a background in engineering. She believes that with passion and will, anyone can make it regardless of the situation.