Vanessa Ho leads a team of dedicated members in Project X, an organization that advocates for sex workers’ rights in Singapore. She has been the project coordinator of Project X since August 2011. Vanessa has a degree in Economics at the University of Warwick and a Master’s degree in Gender, Society and Representation at University College of London.

Vanessa has devoted her time to Project X and goes to Geylang everyday, writing and recording the happenings that occur. She visits the red light districts in Singapore 3 days a week to distribute health guides, condoms, wet wipes, human rights documents and coupons to get free HIV check ups. She also builds relationships, through Project X, with the sex workers by lending a listening ear.

Project X aims to educate and protect sex workers, regardless of whether they are foreigners or Singaporeans. We will never truly understand the reasons people make their decisions and Vanessa Ho makes sure to never judge the partners they work with at Project X. She teaches us the importance of respecting everyone’s decisions and rights, even when we don’t necessarily agree with it.

Watch Vanessa’s inspiring episode here on WomenTalk Pulse.

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