Meet Xing En, a first-year undergraduate student studying literature at the National University of Singapore. Xing En was diagnosed with a rare disease by the name of retinitis pigmentosa at the age of two, which dramatically changed the course of her life. The disease has not only caused her to lose her sight, but has also affected her health, in particular her kidneys.

Despite having to cope with renal failure and being visually-impaired, Xing En has never let her condition determine her path in life and instead continues to actively pursue her ambition of becoming a literature teacher. With her mother, Mdm Lee, serving as her main pillar of support, she has grown to become an independent young lady, who takes on life’s many challenges with tenacity and boundless optimism. Wise beyond her years, Xing En hopes to lead a fulfilling life by making the best of the opportunities she has been given. Her story is a strong reminder to us of how much more we can achieve if we choose not to limit ourselves.

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