Melissa is the founder of Project We Forgot, a social enterprise that is focused on building a community for caregivers of persons with dementia. Melissa was only 14 years old when her father was diagnosed with early-onset dementia. Seeing her mother in the role of a caregiver, as well as experiencing the challenges of caring for her father at such a young age, eventually drove her to reach out to other caregivers in the same situation. She left her glamorous and well-paying job in the corporate world to build Project We Forgot from scratch. Project We Forget now serves as a portal for caregivers to gain access to information from medical experts and also one-off events, which help to raise awareness about early-onset dementia.

Melissa remains deeply rooted to her mission of connecting caregivers of persons with dementia from all over the world and her journey embodies the strength and knowledge that comes from experience.

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