Lily Goh is the founder and director of ExtraOrdinary Horizons, a social enterprise that aims to help raise greater awareness for the deaf community.

She was honoured the Singapore Woman Award 2014 and is currently a part-time student at UNISIM, continuously striving to improve herself.  

Having worked with the Singapore Association for the Deaf for about a year, Lily decided to start up ExtraOrdinary Horizons, to promote arts, culture, heritage and language among the deaf and help to create a more inclusive Singapore.

Through ExtraOrdinary Horizons, Lily hopes to help build confidence in the deaf community, grooming the people she is working with as interpreters and change-makers in society. She also wants to correct misconceptions the mainstream society has and help them to better understand the deaf community.

More information can be found on ExtraOrdinary Horizon’s Instagram account, where Sign Language videos are posted on a weekly basis for the public to learn from. Besides that, they also post fun challenges from time to time! In addition, if you wish to apply for Sign Language courses, you can do so through the ExtraOrdinary Horizons website.

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