Faith Ng is a Singaporean playwright and the Engagement Executive at Checkpoint Theatre.

Faith wrote her first full length play, ‘wo(men)’, a family drama which talks about the relationship between 3 generations of women, while she was an undergraduate in National University of Singapore (NUS). She was later approached by Checkpoint Theatre to put up her work as the curtain raiser for (NUS) Arts Festival in 2010 and to her pleasant surprise, the play also gained nominations for Best Original Script at Life! Theatre Awards. Faith’s other body of work, ‘For Better or for Worse’ (2013), which follows the journey of a married couple in Singapore, has also received the same nominations.

Inspired by her personal experience of being a Normal Academic student, Faith went on to write ‘Normal’ in 2015, an insightful piece that closely examines the Singaporean education system. The play was scheduled for a re-run in 2017.

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